What We Do

TANGO is a digital content management company with an emphasis on the Entertainment Industry. TANGO’s clientele consists of: musicians, comedians, niche content owners, public and sports figures. Our goal is to help clients build a brand and effectively distribute their content while maximizing their digital revenues.



Provide structure and assistance to the current and future footprint of our clients digital presence while increasing their exposure on multiple revenue platforms. Ensure proper placement of clients material on social network platforms and the digital space in general. Use the client’s everyday life experiences both personal and business with the ultimate goal of solidifying a brand that the audience engages & interacts with. Once engagement is provoked, marketing any message and/or content will be more effective. Provide expertise, technical knowledge along with a road map to accomplish said objective.


Why join TANGO?

TANGO offers every client access to a state-of-the-art reporting dashboard where you can easily view statistics, revenue, monies, detailed reports and ALL information regarding financials. Whether it is to keep track of important revenue, evaluate your content, manage payments for a third party, our user-friendly proprietary dashboard provides transparency and detailed information available 24/7.

TANGO provides a one-stop shop for all things digital. Whether you want to: distribute your content, promote your content, create and produce new content, increase your social network stats, create a website/mobile site, TANGO is there for you.

Providing clarity to the confusing landscape that is the digital space. Make certain that the content is being optimized thoroughly and properly by combining unique social media expertise with content monetization tactics to create a bond between engagement and monetary results.

Bringing structure and organization to the existing team. Bridging the gap between the traditional and digital strategy.


What We Offer

Digital Monetization and Collections

• TANGO will provide premium advertising network hooks across all digital properties: Official Website, Official Mobile Site, YouTube channel, truVOZ and other affiliate sites.

  1. - This includes: Display and Video AD Technology.
  2. - This will be limited to content not controlled by any third parties.
  3. - TANGO and client will be responsible for identifying content in and outside of those agreements to keep all interested parties satisfied.
  4. • TANGO will ensure the digital content that is clear of any third parties is circulating and registered in all the major outlets and monetization locations to ensure optimized revenues by filtering through all the content. (live videos, interviews, behind the scenes, personal footage, etc.)
  5. • Maximize the use of the entire content library/catalog that are owned and controlled by client.
  6. • TANGO will funnel the clients social media fan-base to the properties where premium revenue streams exist to further optimize monetization.
  7. • TANGO will link client’s YouTube account to our MCN which will allow for protection of user uploads, audio detection, revenue optimization and special policy tools only offered to premium YouTube partners such as TANGO.
  8. • Collect composition/publishing royalties for any works the client may control/own on most digital platforms.


Social Media Management

Maintain the client’s brand and presence on the most important social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vine, Google+, etc. The goals of each week will be defined with the team and eventually approved by client and/or team. TANGO will provide strategic guidance, maintenance and consulting support. This includes the support of all platforms TANGO is affiliated with. The client/client’s team is required to participate. TANGO’s responsibilities include:

  1. • Engagement and Interaction marketing (on-going basis)
  2. • Any visual design and re-branding (on-going basis)
  3. • Detailed social diet/schedule (on-going basis)
  4. • Generation of audiovisual aids for organic marketing (on-going basis)
  5. • Writing Copy for social diet posts (on-going basis)
  6. • Research/Brainstorming tactics for social diet (on-going basis)
  7. • Digital business consulting
  8. • Any video editing, creation required for social diet (on-going basis)
  9. • Work with Client’s current team to collaborate traditional and digital strategies (on-going basis)
  10. - Online PR: Publishers and journalist outreach, news recycling, community participation, media alerting (TANGO will assist with the current client PR team to obtain proper materials and coordinate efforts to align with the traditional plan)
  11. - Online Communications: Organic marketing - promo video concepts and creation
  12. - Email marketing: newsletter copy writing and code/design
  13. - Contests: Co-branded contests with electronic media partners such as a TV Networks, Radios, Magazines and other media. (alliances are not guaranteed)


Development: Desktop and Mobile Solutions

  1. • Design and develop a desktop website dedicated to client (W3C Compliant and Resolution compatible)
  2. • Install code onto TANGO’s CMS where it can easily be updated and maintained
  3. • Integrate custom player and hooks to premium video ADnetworks (Higher Paying Revenue Stream)
  4. • Integrate Display ADnetworks (Additional Revenue Stream)
  5. • Integrate in-site social networking features: commenting technology, social feeds, etc.
  6. • Design and develop mobile site
  7. • Integrate TANGO’s CMS so it works seamless with the desktop site
  8. • Integrate html5 player and hooks to premium Mobile Video ADnetworks (Highest Paying Revenue Stream)
  9. • Integrate Mobile Display ADnetworks (Additional Revenue Stream)


Online Marketing

A - Z Solution. Market Research; Allocating budget; Design campaign graphics and marketing collateral; Placement and implementation of the campaigns. Most importantly, executing and maintaining the campaigns to get most effective return. Online Advertising platforms include Google ADwords (search and display), Twitter ADs, Facebook Ad Manager/Power Editor and the Youtube Video AdNetwork.


Online Branding/Sponsorships

TANGO may bring a sponsor and/or brand to client. Provides relationship that leads to a paid digital endorsement deal. (sponsorships not guaranteed)